Forex JokerBot Review

The Forex Jokerbot is a forex robot that trades on the MT4 platform. It was built to operate on the M30 timeframe and trades two currency pairs (EURUSD and USDJPY). The exact strategy used by the robot is undisclosed. Forex Jokerbot was developed by a certain “Maria Maxxus”. She is not known in the world of FX and this name (or moniker) does not ring a bell among forex traders.

The robot is priced at $75 for a full licence. As with many other EAs constructed by unknown entities in the forex market, the key question to be answered is this: Can the Forex Jokerbot be trusted or not?

Forex Jokerbot: To Trust or not to Trust?

Forex Jokerbot seems to be a perfect robot, but, there are questions on whether it can be trusted. On evaluation, we found out that there are some problems associated with this robot which proves that it should not be trusted. These problems are:

  • Inadequate Trading Results

  • Developer Identity

  • No User Testimonials

  • Scam Allegation

  • Website Unavailability

  1. Inadequate Trading Results

There are no verifiable real money trading results for the Forex Jokerbot. The vendor only presented a one-month trade results from February to March 2017 where the robot automatically traded and supposedly obtained impressive results which cannot be independently verified. Results that cannot be verified on trusted third party websites such as Myfxbook are usually taken with a pinch of salt. Also, the testing period of one month posted on the website is simply too short for any trader to draw conclusions as to whether the software works or not.

  1. Developer Identity

The developer gives her name as “Maria Maxxus”. Some information about her can be found on her personal website; “ She apparently hails from Spain but lives in the United States (or so we are made to believe). She is said to have worked for Sunflower Inc. as a designer until her brother advised her to try working online. This apparently happened in 2016. By 2017 (a space of one year) she had become a forex expert and has launched a forex robot for sale. This sounds too good to be true. Many authorities in forex at the institutional end of the market have always argued that it takes at least 18 months to groom a trader from novice to intermediate levels. Learning about forex trading takes time and becoming successful takes more time and a lot of effort and practice. In fact, it takes many years to become a forex expert and trainer, not to talk of being able to program a successful forex robot. With no contact details on the EA sales page, there is very little to convince the world that the person or the product can be trusted.

  1. No User Testimonials

Unfortunately, there are no user testimonials found for the Forex Jokerbot robot. User testimonials would have validated or nullified the claims that Maria Maxxus made about her robot.

  1. Scam Allegation

There are allegations by some forex traders and reviewers on Maria Maxxus and her Forex Jokerbot. Prominent among them is the reviewer on who alleged that the picture on is a stock picture which is available on the internet. So, it is likely that Maria Maxxus is a fictitious character and in reality, does not exist. The Forex Jokerbot must be the handwork of a scammer using a false identity and a non-existent personality.

  1. Website Unavailability

As at the time of writing this review, the official website of this robot; is not available. This may mean that the robot is now defunct.

Conclusion: Forex Jokerbot is Not to be Trusted

The developer of this Forex Jokerbot is obviously an anonymous scammer. There are no back tests, no verifiable real or demo account trading and no user testimonials for this robot. This robot cannot be trusted and must be avoided.

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