Forex In Control Reborn Review

Forex In Control Reborn is an expert advisor that comes with a bunch of features to help the software work with both experienced traders & beginners. It can work both as a single system on account & in a combination with any other. It doesn’t open orders all the time. It waits for the best moment to enter the market that allows to trade with several EAs on one account at the same time without getting big drawdowns. It has trading history results for over 14 years. Today I’ll be analyzing it.

Their Claiming

They say that there are mainly 3 aspects that make it profitable & reliable.

  • Hard Control of Drawdowns:

It is the first main aspect of the robot that makes this robot profitable & reliable, It allows the EA to take low risk trades that’ll not allow traders to loose more than a dollar.

  • Trading on 2 Different Pairs :

The developers claim the system can work easily on many pairs & they have done enough testing to ensure that these pairs of the most profitable.

  • Risk & Profits :

This section seems to go ever the fact that the robot trades 2 currency pairs again.


  • Type: Forex Robot

  • Price : $220

  • Strategy : Not disclosed

  • Timeframe: M30


  • Easy to set up

  • Fully automated

  • Hard drawdown control

  • Back tests for over 14 years

  • Licensing 1 live account.

  • Type of trading reversal.

  • Verified live trading statistics.

  • Conservative Normal & Aggressive styles of trading.

  • Comes with free updates.

  • Professional support 24/7.

It is programmed with 100% market evaluation & implementation. It allows you to indicate the maximal draw down precisely. It has a technology that automatically sets stop loss for all orders on such price that even in any unforeseen cases the sum you lose will not be a dollar more that is indicated in the EA.

It has a 60 day money back guarantee refund policy.

Trading Results

Trading Results:

I could find 2 types of results provided for Forex In Control Reborn. There are 6 back tests. Out of the last 4, 2 of them are with the accelerator on and 2 of them have the accelerator off. With the accelerator the AUDUSD pair is showing $759000 in profits, and without just $24000. The same goes for the EURGBP pair.

I appreciate the fact that the developers also provide us with an FX Blue account. The winning trades are generally either 35 pips or 65 pips while the losing trades can be anywhere from 6 pips all the weighted 98 pips.


Forex In Control Reborn is an expensive EA. It doesn’t have a lot of trading results & hence I can’t recommend this product. But as it has a 60 day money back guarantee refund policy I sure would like to try it. I plan on testing the robot & listening to the community feedback to determine whether this system is profitable.

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