Forex InControl Reborn Review

Forex expert advisors are in demand in the Forex market these days, due to the myriad of advantages they provide. One such expert advisor is Forex in Control Reborn, armed with a multitude of rich features aimed at both professional and novice traders. It can work either in combination with another system, or work as a single system. Unlike other EAs, it doesn’t open orders all the time, preferring to wait for the best moment to enter the market. It allows trading with several EAs on one account without getting big drawdowns. It also includes trading history for the last 14 years.

What They Claim:

According to the Forex InControl Reborn developers, there are three aspects that make the platform reliable and profitable.

  • Risk and Profits: This section highlights the fact that the robot trades 2 currency pairs only.
  • Trading on 2 Different Pairs: The developers claim that the system is efficient enough to work easily on many pairs. Some pairs are highlighted after conducting some testing.
  • Hard Control of Drawdown: It is the main highlighted aspect of the robot, allowing the forex EA to take lower risk trades and restrict losses to under a dollar.


  • Type: Forex Robot

  • Price : $220

  • Strategy : Not disclosed

  • Timeframe: M30


  • Easy to set up

  • Fully automated

  • Hard drawdown control

  • Back tests for over 14 years

  • Licensing 1 live account.

  • Type of trading reversal.

  • Verified live trading statistics.

  • Conservative Normal & Aggressive styles of trading.

  • Comes with free updates.

  • Professional support 24/7.

The platform is programmed with 100 % market evaluation and implementation, allowing you to indicate the maximal draw down precisely. It includes a technology that automatically sets the stop loss for all orders at a favourable price. This prevents any user from losing more than a dollar.

Forex in Control Reborn also provides a 60-day money back guarantee refund policy.

Trading Results

Trading Results:

After much searching, I could only find 2 types of results provided by the broker. They include six back tests. The last four includes 2 tests that are performed with the accelerator on, while the other two with the accelerator off. The AUD/usd pair shows a profit of $759000 with the accelerator on and $24000 without it. The same applies for the EURGBP pair.

The fact that the developers have provided us with an FX Blue Account is highly appreciated. The winding trades generally fall between 35 to 65 pips, while the losing trader’s range between 6 pips to 98 pips.

Final Thoughts

Overall, forex in Control Reborn appears expensive for the services it provides. It could not provide us with a lot of trading results. I personally plan on testing the robot further and keeping an eye out for community feedback before recommending this to anyone else.

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