Forex Heat Map Review

Forex Heat Map is a forex trading system that does the legwork for traders by identifying live currency trends in the forex market. The system functions as an actual heat map, as it visually displays copious quantities of data highlighted in different colors to make for easier visual analysis. These data are presented in real time. The application also helps to pick out the supplement trade setups and currency pair movements that may not have been taken into account by the trader while planning the trading process.

The application is said to show traders the major movers within a 24-hour period and provides critical information on forex and CFD markets at a glance to help you make quick, rational trading decisions at all times.

Forex Heat Map focuses mainly on eight major currencies. These include the GBP, EUR, USD, CHF, AUD, JPY, CAD, and NZD. Overall, there are 28 currency pairs which traders can buy and sell. Besides providing traders with the direction of the trend of these currencies, Forex Heat Map offers entry management and a trade alert system that informs you when trading signals are available for a potential winning trade. Traders can spot strong and weak currencies in real time on their MT4 charts.

Forex Heat Map

Unlike standard indicators such as Bollinger bands, true range, etc., the heat map isn’t linked to an individual pair. Instead, it is made up of pairs, with each pair classified alongside one common currency in each category. Consequently, the heat map uses pairs as “mini indicators” on the entire map to give you the picture of happenings in the markets in a fast and efficient way. The Forex Heat Map subscription costs $19.95 per month.

Forex Heat Map: To Trust or Not to Trust?

To be able to tell whether Forex Heat Map is trustworthy or not, you should consider some of the actions of the system below:

  1. Ghost Ownership

The identity of those behind Forex Heat Map cannot be verified: Asides the mention of Mark McDonell, Joel Beal, Rick Turner, and Dan Weiand on,, and other mini-sites, there’s no information about them anywhere else. This is a sign of scam that shouldn’t be ignored.

  1. Unverified Trade Results

There are no verified trading results: There’s no likely way for traders to substantiate if Forex Heat Map works, nor is there guarantee that it does or is fair since traders cannot access the trading plans and live currency signals unless they have paid the monthly subscription fee. Watching the heat map during demo trading alone is not enough to tell if it works.

Conclusion: Forex Heat Map is Not to Be Trusted

This review discovers that Forex Heat Map is not worth following. The system does not have verified records anywhere online, nor is the identity of its owners verifiable. Also, if customer reviews matter the most to you, you would do well to understand that less than fifty unverified reviews on alone are not enough to pass over a decade old system as legitimate. Having been online for over a decade, Forex Heat Map should have had way more positive reviews, and not a few, unverifiable ones concentrated on a single site.

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