Forex Freedom System Review

Every now and then, a forex system is launched with promises of how to help traders improve their trade results. Majority of these systems however come up with several weighty promises such as the one you see from the Forex Freedom System website:

The Forex Freedom System is a forex trading system which is based on the work of the FFS Robot. The system also works with two other software, and the entire combo pack which is said to be worth thousands of dollars, sells for $87 under a special “time-limited offer” displayed on the sales page.

The main question is this: Can we trust and recommend the Forex Freedom System, especially with the “convincing trade results” posted on its sales page?

Forex Freedom System: To trust or Not to Trust?

To be able to get the truth about whether this is a system to trust or not to trust, we delve into the trading history of the system, as well as other aspects of the entire offering. What we found out was a software which is being sold with a highly deceitful sales page and many false claims on profitability.

  1. False Profit Claims

The sales page of the Forex Freedom System features many trade results, all of which are said to be positive. There is no information on whether these results were achieved on demo. We pick out the most outstanding trade results showcased on the Forex Freedom System website and put it up below:

According to this snapshot, the Forex Freedom System is a true money maker, right? Well, that is what the faceless software vendors want you to believe. But this is the actual truth right here as shown from the verified trade results posted on Myfxbook.

This verified result from a Real money account being traded by the FFS shows very clearly that the system is unprofitable and is losing money. The remarkable thing is that these results were updated 7 minutes before this article was written, so it shows the latest situation with the Forex Freedom System. Why would anyone trust a robot that is clearly seen to be losing close to 90% of account capital on a real money account being actively traded as at April 2018?

  1. Marketing Hype Without Results

The robot itself is being sold with a lot of marketing hype and the use of the limited time offer strategy which is well known in the world of online marketing. A forex system that is profitable will sell itself with its trade results without all the marketing hype on the FFS sales page. It is not enough to claim that a forex system can make $50,000 a week. Let the trade results do all the talking.

  1. Faceless Vendors

Once again, we are confronted with faceless vendors without any channel of contact. This is a well-recognized feature of scam software. The vendors never let themselves be known as they do not want to be held accountable by relevant laws for selling bad products to their clients.

Conclusion: Forex Freedom System is Not to Be Trusted

We conclude this review by presenting the drawdown chart for the Forex Freedom System. It can be seen from the snapshot that the drawdown percentage for the FFS is approaching 100%. This is an account decimating forex system. No system will ever be profitable with a 100% drawdown.

So the question is: can the Forex Freedom System be trusted with all the evidence that points to trade results that are clearly contrary to what is being claimed on the sales page? The answer is simple: Forex Freedom System is not to be trusted. Save your hard earned money for something more worthwhile.

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