Forex Equinox is a forex trading system designed by the forex expert “Russ Horn”. Alongside boasts of up to 80% accuracy in its signals, there are also claims that the system can easily make $1,000 daily, and millions of dollars within one year!

Russ Horn claims to have been trading forex and training people for the past sixteen years, with over 40,000 followers on facebook.

The Forex Equinox wealth creation system comes in a pack of four training DVDs, trading handbook, exclusive member area, support, bonuses and Equinox trading dashboard, all for a one-time fee of $997. Russ Horn says that the actual package is worth $7,000 but he is giving it out at a discounted price of $997 with a 60- day money back guarantee. Forex Equinox is actually a manual trading system but with the Equinox autopilot dashboard, it can become an automatic alert system that monitors the system and tells the forex trader when it is time to trade.

The begging question are as follows: are these claims true? Can the Forex Equinox be trusted to make one a millionaire?

The Forex Equinox: To Trust or Not to Trust?

There are a number of inconsistencies that casts a doubt on the claim that the Forex equinox can easily make you a millionaire, irrespective of your level of experience in forex trading. These inconsistencies border on the following points:

  • The Website’s Appearance and Tone

  • Trading Results

  • User Testimonials

  1. Unprofessional Looking Website

The website looks very much like the sales pages of notorious scammers who sell various products and e-books. They usually offer products that solve a whole lot of problems and often include lots of bonuses. That is exactly Russ Horn’s approach. He starts by positing that a financial crash is inevitable. It will be much worse than that of 1929 and he calls it “Financial Armageddon”. He then explains that the only way to survive it is by making quick cash in order to buy hard assets like gold, silver or real estate. So, the fastest and easiest way to acquire the huge capital required is through the five trillion dollar forex market. Then, he goes ahead to introduce his products, bonuses and discount. The tactics of creating fear, hope and solution is the regular pattern of many well-crafted online scams. The overall aim is to use the fear factor, followed by convincing arguments in order to compel you to buy the products being offered.

  1. Lack of Verified Trading Results

Apart from the vendor’s outrageous claims, screenshots and videos, there are no verifiable myfxbook accounts or any other proof that the Forex Equinox works. Russ Horn only presents statistical data in form of screenshots from his website. The screenshots have also been altered to block off the area where it would have indicated if the snapshots came from a demo account or a real account.

  1. Negative User Testimonials

The only user testimonials for this product seem to all be negative. Out of the several reviews we found online which indicate that the system does not work or that the customer service email is unresponsive, we have attached one here:

Conclusion: Forex Equinox is Not to Be Trusted

There is simply no proof to whatever Russ Horn declares on his website. There is no single verifiable real money account to show how his much hyped Forex Equinox is performing. All that is presented is a sequence of results in a snapshot that has been altered on the top left corner, where apparently, results were pulled from a demo account. So the Forex Equinox is declared a system not to be trusted. You would do yourself a world of good to keep your $997 firmly in your pocket and stay away from this scam known as “Forex Equinox”.

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