Forex Cyborg Review

Forex Cyborg, as described, is a professional automated forex trading system for professional traders” with inbuild neural networks, running on MetaTrader 4 and trading 14 currency pairs on 15 minutes charts. It is a “highly profitable system with a very high win rate and minimum risks. Forex Cyborg is suitable for both novice & advanced forex traders with easy to follow setup instructions included, full support, lifetime updates & a money back guarantee.” ALL OF THAT DRIVEL makes you believe in a validity and credibility of that slimy technology, but let me prove you otherwise.

In the given article I will gladly underpin all the negative feedback from Forex Cyborg’s customers and forewarn you of the “the most innovative multi-currency forex trading HYPE on the market!”

Forex Cyborg Review

As you may see, Daniel cannot make a refund after his discontent with the service. Although on the main page of Forex Cyborg, in Terms & Conditions they crearly state the following:

Forex Cyborg Review

I absolutely acquiesce to the above mentioned testimonials, as the promised lucrative profit, low risks, 30-days refund and no losses were merely the unjustified statements.

Take a look at the main website page of Forex Cyborg and let’s speculate a little on the first impression you get from the really bright depiction. I agree, the page is well-designed and quite appealing, but the first thought I got was the words “for professional traders” and after again “for both novice & advanced forex traders”. It contradicts itself and who knows if the system would be truly easy for a newbie as the motto screams:

Perhaps, you must have some specific exprerience and some trading knowledge to start with them in order not to end up a loser and lose your money for nothing. It appears that their claim “tt is fully automated & requires no user input” is the next lie.

We definetely cannot reeline on the system, first of all because it doesn’t show us any background information about the service, about its team and the development it has gone through 10 years.

On the main page, we could see some phony statictics on how their robot trades with various currency pairs. It does gain a lot of money, it doubles, triples and, alledgedly, makes people millionaires, so everything is beautifully adourned.

Forex Cyborg Review

One more way to allure naive customers to lose their money with unreliable and unstable system. They also claim it trades “multiple currency pairs using the default software settings on any size trading account with any leverage”. That is a huge risk and if you understand Forex, you should know that when you trade with leverage your losses can exceed the amount of your original investment. In fact, we recommend you don’t trade with leverage or at least understand what you are getting into before taking a leap of faith and trusting a broker with your hard-earned money.

Moving further, you get the ideas on how the Forex Cyborg actually works. You are to purchase the system and install MetaTrader 4 and “sit back & enjoy the frequent & profitable trading of Forex Cyborg.” BUT, they miss one salient point here. You will still have to monitor the trading, from time to time you should change the lot size and the risk you gonna take to earn some money. You are the only one responsible for the fallacy of your strategies and plans.

All the responsibiity again lies on you shoulders and robot works somewhere aloof. They assert that the system is fully-automated, but is it though? No, it is unfortunately a scam, I would like dissuade you from using this precarius robot and find some better options. Here are some of other testimonials that supports my point of view. Please, avoid Forex Cyborg and save your money.

Forex Cyborg Review

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