Forex Cyborg Review

In a market which has been taken over by scams, it is difficult to know which forex robot to trust or not to trust. It is against this backdrop that we review the Forex Cyborg robot. Is the Forex Cyborg EA a software to trust or not to trust? The article explains it all.

Introduction: The Forex Cyborg

There is no information whatsoever about who created Forex Cyborg, or where the creators of the software are located. This in itself is suspicious: if a product is successful, would the company behind it prefer to remain nameless and faceless, or would they go to town with their discovery? Unfortunately, the situation is that there is no information or background to this software.

One thing that a visitor to the site will notice is the clean user interface and also the trade results that are supposedly pulled from Myfxbook to provide veracity for these trade results. But what is the truth behind the stuff posted on the robot’s sales page?

Forex Cyborg: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Forex Cyborg is a software not to trust. This conclusion has been made as a result of the discovery of subtle details which give away the product as an unbelievable scam. So much has gone into the company’s attempt to present the Forex Cyborg as a clean software with stellar results, but the truth is that the software appears to be a scam. Here is why this is the case:

  1. Embellished results

  2. A fake actor is used to promote the software.

  3. Bad reviews from verified users.

Let’s look at the scam metrics one by one.

  1. Embellished Results

Unlike many of the software out there, ForexCyborg actually has a Myfxbook account which shows that the fx robot has achieved some profitability. However, the results posted on its website are an embellishment of what is actually on Myfxbook. While Forex Cyborg posts results, some dating back to 2007, we can only find Myfxbook records that date back to May 2017. So what happened to all the historical records that are used to show the “stellar results” on the portfolio page? Are they real or just photoshopped data?

Besides, the results above for 2017 only show a profit rate of 41%. For a robot that sells for as much as 600 Euros, this is not good enough. A trader who invests 1000 Euros into an account will only have made just enough to cover the cost of the software from the entire trading results for 2017. Not good enough!

  1. Fake Actor Used in Promo

Here is a reason why the Forex Cyborg is a software not to trust. The use of a fake actor in the promotional material has been discovered. In one case, a certain “Vladimir” who is touted as having achieved success with the Forex Cyborg turned out to be stock photo harvested online. Believing that no one would actually take the pains to check, this image was used and presented as an actual user of the robot. We now know better.

  1. Bad Reviews from Verified Users

As Forex Cyborg was unable to produce any proof of results from verified users on its system and instead chose to rely on reviews from paid actors, we set out on a fact finding mission all over the internet, searching for users who had paid for and used the Forex Cyborg software. One after the other, complaints kept pouring in. One user said the robot hardly placed any trades at all.