Let’s look at a trading robot called Forex Cruncher. Let’s start with a terrible presentation that resembles websites of the late 90s on HTML. These developers did something that none of the forex robot sellers thought of before them: they put pop-up ads on the site with an offer to share a mail for the sake of getting some benefits.

Forex Cruncher myfxbook

This is the first bell that they are scammers. Why do they need mail, the first visitor to come? Obviously, to send your spam and “updates”. If people don’t understand how distrustful visitors are of this kind of “proposal,” then they are not our friends.

The second reason we consider them potential scammers is the obsession with which they are trying to convince us to buy a robot. They didn’t use the arguments and schedules of official tenders; they just copied the same picture six (6!!!) times.

Forex Cruncher

By the end of the presentation, you understand that they are trying to manipulate you, and you already begin to hate this picture fiercely.

I don’t know where they got the designer who uses blue, yellow with purple at the same time, but it looks disgusting. If they have the real cool robot, why have they got several hundred dollars for the presentation?

FOREX CRUNCHER: To Trust or Not to Trust?

No, We wouldn’t trust these guys. The button Watch it Trade live goes nowhere.

Forex Cruncher myfxbook

The video on which some account is shown contains the music of the instrumental choir, listening to which, you do not understand at all where you got. Is this a site where they sell forex robots or is this a page of the philharmonic? It became obvious to us that sellers don’t even understand who their target audience is and what its expectations are.

Forex Cruncher myfxbook

It’s the last article in their blogs and it dated by 26 December 2018.

Forex Cruncher myfxbook

Just look at this screaming picture, now much of red color there is which makes people angry, especially traders who see drawdowns in red charts. We can imagine some designers use red with yellow in retails selling or selling stuff for kiddos, but not for traders.

Forex Cruncher features

Or look at this one. 

Forex Cruncher myfxbook

There is capsing and red color everywhere.

Fake trade results from fake people

Forex Cruncher myfxbook

Despite the fact that the presentation is very big, all screenshots, names, company name didn’t contain links. You just look at one big Disneyland that has been created to get your one hundred dollars. Who’s that guy form Miami? Where’s his FB or Linkedin page to check? Where’s his photo at least? 

Also, every single chart in the screenshots ends in 2018. Even if you take all those pictures for the truth, that really those people who are shown there are trading using Forex Cruncher, then the question arises: what’s about the results its performing in 2019?

There are some social network links which go nowhere to

Forex Cruncher social network

No data about Drawdowns

No official data is allowed.

No data about Transparency

As well as, no data was about drawdowns and trading results, we can tell you nothing which we can prove.

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

First of all, we work for our readers. For us, the most important thing for us is your trust.

So, that’s why we say this seller was a scum. Everything we got from the presentation is nothing. There just are some funny pictures and zero data and proving such awesome results.

If someone has the real data of FOREX CRUNCHER robot we’d like to review our opinion.

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