Forex Auto Millions Review

Identical Fraud

It’s certainly not the first rigging forex trading software I have come across. Forex Auto Millions is a complete mirror reflection of the similar automated trading system called 5 Pips a Day, even the design of the page and the description of the software is, basically, the same. The main difference is in mumbers, in colours and a little in graphics. It is as if the developers didn’t put any effort at all in creating their own unique graphic design and just used the ready-made simple template. Or it’s their second stratagem! Even the discount from 199$ to 99$ is literallythe same, take a look:

Forex Auto Millions Forex Auto Millions

So where is it better to lose money, huh? Why do they even sell their product? $99 is not much compensation for letting loads of other people use their miracle money making software. Moreover, before using this software you are obliged to use VPS, that is Virtual Private Server that will cost you additional 30$ a month. We do not know anything about the software itself, except the made-up date of release and some self-drawn graphs from alledgedly their results. Go ahead, try and open myFXbook, which is not updated since 2012 and read all the comments from the potential or professional traders. The results of trading activity are displayed in the following manner:

about Forex Auto Millions software Those fictional results doesn’t really correspond to the negative feedbacks the customers write about Forex Auto Millions software.

Mind you, all testimonials and, more importanly, progress of the given software is dated 2012. So we may only assume how the system developed itself through past 5 years and wheather it is still working.


The drawbacks of the Forex Auto millions software outweigh the benefits. For instance, you won’t be able to make any refunds there, as they state on the home page. All the funds you invest there would be lost due to some unsuccessful issue, and the refund they guarantee is probably that sum of 99$ for the purchased product. Secondly the amount of your profit is not guaranteed to be high or even at all. If you put up to greater risks you may lose whatever you had. All their “true” live results are nothing, but a decoy.

Forex Auto millions software outweigh
Although, for people who don’t have enough knowledge in FX trading, this may seem to be a good opportuinity to earn money, as the graphs shows the rapid increase and quite a success in trading. In order to work with the presented software, you are to be self-educated on many financial factors as to make the right trading decisions. No one would be resposible for the incured loss you may undergo. That is why that might be very difficulth for those who only wants to start out and earn money using such platforms. Now let’s view more thouroughly the next dissagvantage:

That is what alerts me the most, why cannot we change the settings? On the home page it is stated that we are to make our own decision on how the robot should trade, here they say we are not allowed to do so. What if those settings are specially programmed to make a loss or what if it is made to firstly show some results and afterwards incur a loss? We cannot trust the system, let alone “have complete confidence” as they claim. In conclusion, I’d rather recommend you to find some other more reliable software, that guarantees the safety of your deposit and profit. That is a very parlous platform to gamble with.

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