forex alpha robotWe suggest you read the review of the brand new Forex Alpha Robot trading EA. The developers offer us not so much. According to the presentation, this is just a good fully-automated robot for trading on MT4.

Below is a description of why the patterns embedded in this robot are different from the work of other similar ones. Yes, most likely these patterns work as they should, but we couldn’t find anything to distinguish this robot from the others.

A little lower we can see, as is usual in many presentations, the result of the backtests, in which everything is shiny and bright and that in 19 years we could earn almost $ 3 million from $1000 on trading EUR/CHF, but back to reality, trading robots haven’t been taking so long live.

The benefits block looks like there’s nothing special in functionality or services.

And so, for $150 what we get: a robot on the one real account, free updates, support 24/7, but most importantly, 60-Day 100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee and this is a very long period, which automatically increases the credibility of the seller.

Forex Alpha Robot: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The presentation shows us nothing special at all, almost nothing about the patterns performing. The backtests are nothing without the real account’s results.

Solid trade results

Let’s take a look at the data that we’ve got form the official robot’s account on FxBlue

forex alpha robot fxblue

Forex Alpha Robot runs the real USD account, on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The EA performs for half of year and shows good results so far: Weekly return 7.5% and monthly one 35.6% and this is jolly good.

forex alpha robot fxblue

forex alpha robot fxblue

Starting from $3000 the forex EA could rise the account to over $11344. The total return is equal to 378%. 

forex alpha robot fxblue

These are very impressive results. So the forex robot almost doesn’t lose trades. Totaly, there were performed 2104 deals, where 1508 ended with win and 592 with loss. We truly like this stable performing.

forex alpha robot stats

Forex Alpha Robot trades seven currency pairs almost equally, with the same result across pairs.

forex alpha robot stats

forex alpha robot fxblue

As we have been told, most trades were performed on the EUR/CHF pair.

forex alpha robot stats

As you can see, all the profit has been made on the buying deals. It means the robot should be updated to sell more smoothly. 

November 2019 has been showing the worst results since the start performing.

forex alpha robot results

During the 21 days of November, there has been just $500+ of profit.

Very low Drawdowns

The peak drawdown was 1.5%. It’s quite low DD for that profitability.

Enough level of Transparency

The account has enough level of transparency. Every data we may need to make a decision is open for everyone. There’s even a list of applied strategies.

forex alpha robot level of transparency

So we can peek, which one we’d like to apply, and which one not.

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We’d like you to try this robot. EA proves that it can run with low risk and drawdowns, as well as, with high profitability. The account grows almost 4 times for half of the year, and a 60-day money-back guarantee option lets us bring our money back if we don’t like it performs.

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