The Forex 2000 Pips is a forex robot designed for the MT4 trading platform. This robot promises steady monthly income for traders at all levels. In fact, it is boldly written on the website that this robot made $20,071.20 in just one month of trading. The vendor of this robot is Rita Lasker. She claims that she has almost 11 years of forex trading experience. She works for an American based company “Green Forex Group” that produces forex robots and other forex trading materials. The exact trading strategy of this robot is not disclosed but she says that it calculates the price limit orders while considering the direction of the trend in the current M30 and D1 timeframes. The robot is available for a discounted price of $99 from the actual price of $329.

The trading results claimed by the vendor of this robot are simply incredible. But the pertinent question is this: Can this robot be trusted or not?

Forex 2000 Pips: To trust or Not?

The trading results promoted by Rita Lasker sounds too good to be true. However, a closer look at this robot revealed some anomalies. Some of them are:

  1. No Verified Trading Results

  2. Unprofessional Website

  3. Questionable Vendor Practices

  4. No User Reviews

  1. No Verified Trading Results

It is normal for most genuine forex robot vendors to present evidence of trading history showing back tests and current trading results for their robot. But, Rita Lasker never bothered with that. She simply presented screenshots showing some charts with outrageous claims. In the chart below, the robot made $1,184.50 in 3 trades. This method is grossly unacceptable. Most traders want to see verified accounts showing the performance of the robot before considering whether the robot is worth buying or not.The Forex 2000 Pips Review

Unprofessional Website

The official website of this robot ( is a one-page website that looks like a marketing page used by many affiliate marketers, eBook sellers and online marketers. For a robot that made over $20,000 in one month of trading, it surely deserves a better website.

  1. Questionable Modus Operandi

The overall style of operation of the vendor, Rita Lasker is questionable. This is not her first robot. She keeps churning out robots that do not perform and has obtained a bad reputation for this practice. The marketing style of this Forex 2000 Pips is unprofessional. After much hyping of how the robot can make you a successful and very rich trader, she goes on to use the “induced scarcity” sales tactic. She insists that after 48hours, the price goes back to $525 and the bonuses will no longer be available. These are simply marketing gimmicks and blatant lies. In truth, the timer clock never stops and the discount period never ends.

  1. No User Reviews

Sadly, there are no testimonials from traders who bought and used this robot. The only reviews are the ones found on the official website which look to be fake or generated from paid actors. Actual users are yet to post reviews to show if this robot performed or not.

Conclusion: Forex 2000 Pips Cannot be Trusted

The Forex 2000 Pips is nothing but a scam. It is easy to claim thousands of dollars in performance without a single proof. The website is nothing but a one-page marketer’s webpage used to market a product. Please, stay away from this scam in form of Forex 2000 Pips EA.

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