ForeSignal Trading Robot Review

Foresignal (not a spelling mistake) is another forex expert advisor trading system available in the market. Interestingly, ForeSignal offers their trading signal right on the website as well as on their Facebook an Twitter pages for everyone to see what they promise to offer beforehand. This means that users can still use their services even without visiting the website.

ForeSignal: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Is ForeSignal really a system that you can trust with your funds? Like many other shady trading platforms, ForeSignal chooses to stay anonymous with no single information showing who are behind what is meant to be world’s best trading software. The only information ever available is that their server is hosted somewhere in Germany. Let us examine other criteria by which the forex EA makes it claims.

  1. Trading Performance

First of all, ForeSignal fees are cost effective and very affordable to even the novice entering the forex market for the first time. But do their low fees really mean they are the best? This raises the question of the quality of the service they do offer and its performance.

According to some information on their site, the ForeSignal service has never lost for a single month in the last three years. This is very difficult to believe as there is hardly any proof to this effect. If such claims cannot be proven, it can be deduced that these profit claims are imaginary.

  1. Negative Customer Feedbacks

The vast majority of the feedbacks on ForeSignal sites are negative, as traders are not happy with the service they are paying for. All the reviews on the sites are contrary to what the developers claim the ForeSignal service offers.

Interestingly, the owners of this service were not even able to moderate all the negative reviews their product keeps receiving on daily basis. This can actually tell you the kind of service you will receive at the end of the day if you ever happen to invest into it.

  1. Fraudulent Pricing

ForeSignal provides free signal for everyone with the intention of luring traders into upgrading to their premium plans. ForeSignal offers 3 plans. The first plan is a monthly subscription with a price tag of $29. The second subscription is a 3-month plan which costs traders $59. Of course the third subscription plan runs for 6 months, and it costs $89.

It is also sad to realize that traders cannot use their free service to test the waters and decide whether they want to continue with the service or not. Of course you must go for at least the monthly plan to try what ForeSignal service has to offer which is deceptive and exploitive and in contrary of what their sale’s page promises.

Final Verdict: ForeSignal Is Not to Be Trusted

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that ForeSignal service isn’t worth your dime considering the allegations against them they are yet to clear. All the trading stats they claim on their sites are unrealistic for there are no proofs to back them up. Second, the vast majority of the reviews on the site are not happy about the product. Surveys on FPA also tell the same story. Most remarks here simply affirm the doubts many prospects have about the product

Conclusively, the aim of this review is to warn intending forex investors to steer clear of the Foresignal product.

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