Fluid Trader Review

Fluid trader is an export advisor that simply uses a weird trading pattern that has apparently doubled the vendor’s account in less than 5 months. The sales page of this robot also claims that

it is using a strategy called simple pattern to double or even quadruple trading accounts in less than 12 months

. This claiming sounds more like a day dream & that’s why I’ll be analyzing it today.

The exact developer of the system is unknown but there are several names & products that have come from same vendor. So, throughout the review I’ll go over some of these different products to help provide insight.

They didn’t provide us with any address of their head/main offices but traders can contact via support@fluidtrader.com.


  • Type: Forex EA

  • Price: $347/license

  • Strategy: Price Action

  • Time frame: M5


  • Money back guarantee

  • Broker: MEX Exchange

  • Fully automated

    : once installed would run smoothly protecting your profits while your account grows without any user inputs in between.

  • Runs smoothly with even small cent accounts

    – means

    you are the master of your investment size & you can decide your capital.

  • Simple & user friendly

    : Fluid trader allows you to sit back, relax & simply watch the FX trading robot to do its trick. After you provide the parameters, scales & limits of your transaction, this Robot takes over & handles all of the transactions for you. It stays on &operational 24/7 searching for money making exchange opportunities during night sessions & strikes when gain is most expectable. So you will not miss a single trade option unless you turn it off.

Fluid trader determines the price direction for the next couple of hours or days. It is designed for EURUSD & AUDUSD & USDCHF currency pairs.

The minimum balance requirement in the terminal should be $400.This software claims to guarantee more than 86% success rate. So, there are very less chances of falling with the fluid trader.

Fluid trader enables quick trading decisions at lowest risk. It also protects

your trades from any external interference.

Sales page:

Going through the sales page, the first thing we can see is a YouTube video uploaded by the user named Lance Hunter. Now for the first time, we can see a name that is associated with the developer of Fluid Trader. In the video, Lance tells traders that with this product they can

“learn the easiest way to make a fortune of money as a trader”

According to the video, the

developers have found patterns in less utilized pairs that are consistent & predictable

. AUDUSD & USDCHF pairs are mentioned here specifically which the developersays are less volatile & more consistent & hence they are easy to build an expert advisor around.

Developer also claims that these pairs are favorable mainly because price action patterns tends to show up in these charts & price action is predominately sideways moving over larger time frames.

So, the developer was actually saying that Fluid trader utilizes price actions large mean reversion element to tell the future direction of the market. I must admit this is the most insightful description published by the developer on their site. I appreciate that they are providing a closer look at the trading strategy what most trading robots do not.

History of developer

Lance Hunter is the developer of this product. Here are some of the Forex trading systems hosted on the same server as the Fluid Trader EA.

  • Signal Steps

  • Hedge Track Trader

  • Tri Star Trader

  • Max Scalper

The creator of the systems goes by the name of Doug Price who’s created the RevTraderPro, ChannelTraderPro, PivotTraderPro and Vortex Trader. So we can see, this vendor is releasing a lot of trading products.

Trading results:

The vendor is currently providing us with a couple of back tests and two My fx book accounts. The demo account has been running since October 2016, it shows a gain of over 237% with a drawdown of 35%.The real account, has been running since late May 2017, and has gained over 40% with a minimal drawdown of 4% over 4 and a half months of trading. It seems that this account is using a lower risk profile.Both accounts are with the MEX Exchange broker.

Fluid Trader

Fluid Trader

The software come across as a scalping system. The majority of the trades are very small with the average win being 5 pips, and the average loss being 8 pips.


I found some positive feedbacks which makes me think that this product can gain profit & is worth the try.


Features & working strategy of the fluid trader is too amazing to wait for trying it. But, price of it isn’t that cheap to go for it. Client’s feedback is positive. So, I think I would like to try it.But I still need more of the trading samples & user feedback to make a good conclusion. However, I’d like to rate it with 3 stars.

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