FOREX FLEX EA REVIEW - Detailed Forex Robot Reviews


Forex Flex EA is a state-of-the-art, multifunctional software developed by a team of experienced traders who have developed a highly technological product over a long period, which gives traders a wide opportunity to do their trading operations in the Forex market in the background. Thanks to an effective EA automatic update system, the software owns and provides traders with the important and necessary information for profitable trading (profitable trading operations). An interesting feature of Forex Flex EA is its flexibility and optimized settings. What does this mean for a trader? A trader using this software can apply any trading strategy and quickly change their actions when trading on Forex. The programs are available at

Forex Flex EA provides traders with a profitable opportunity to earn high returns with minimal risk. The software runs and supports NFA and FIFO compatible ECN. Forex Flex EA contains a useful deposit management feature. This software works in conjunction with major currency pairs, provides traders with the ability to install temporary filters, and provides useful opportunities to identify the exact entry points to the market. For all these reasons, Forex Flex EA has become extremely popular and widespread among a large group of modern traders.

Forex EA Flex: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Forex Flex EA is a fully automatic forex robot. What is the principle of trading? The robot finds the most probable direction of trends for the next 2 days and automatically performs all trading operations within a specified period by the trader. As a result, this currency system provides more than 90% of the won deals (successfully conducted trading actions that bring financial income to the trader himself).

Forex Flex EA uses in its concept a modern, innovative technology that uses the rather interesting principle of “virtual commerce”. What is the principle and how does it work? The robot opens virtual transactions in the background. EA is constantly monitoring the currency market to find a point of entry that is profitable for the trader.


The robot is very easy to install: all you have to do is select strategies from the drop-down list and click OK, that’s all!

You can work with 12 selected trading strategies, set up time filters, change money management features and use a forum that is only available to active members.

This currency expert uses new correlated hedge technology and shows very profitable and reliable trading results. The possibilities here are endless. You can set up a trading robot like any original strategy, or use your settings.

Forex Flex EA can work with all currency pairs, but developers recommend using currency pairs such as:


This EA is easy and intuitive to install. If you want to change the settings, you can do it easily. Forex Flex E.A. was created by professional developers who are experienced traders themselves and who want you to have financial success using this software!

There are the following types of strategies: Default, v2Default, Super Precise, Scalper settings, Full Grid, Half Grid, Trend Surfer, Shotgun, FlexHybrid, x3Retrace, x2RetraceSL, BigDefault, ADRDynamic. Also, the trader has the opportunity to build their trading strategy.

On the Internet on forums that are dedicated to trading, there are many negative reviews about the activities of this program. In particular, you can find the following negative reviews:

Currency pairs: any registered (EUR / USD, GBP / USD, GBP / CHF, AUD / USD, NZD / USD, USD / CAD, USD / CHF and USD / JPY).

Time slot: any.


  • Forex Flex EA: 1 real account, unlimited demo accounts, 12 unique trading strategies, regular price: $999.
  • Forex Flex EA + correlated hedge: 2 real accounts, unlimited DEMO accounts, regular price: $1500.

Trading Results

Most Forex Flex EA strategies use a traditional trading style and do not take into account the need for stop loss orders. Potential high-profit strategies suffer most, affecting not only your transactions but also your account when markets counteract with merchant strategies.

When trading with Forex Flex EA, you have to risk everything and you can win a lot or lose a lot. In addition, you can generate trends with a stop loss strategy. You can try your hand at insecure transactions that result in good results or you lose your own account. You can earn money by trading manually using low stop loss and activating strategies.

A team of experienced traders and professionals have developed a fairly sophisticated Forex Flex EA transaction system which, in a transparent, open and regular way, updates the transaction account information on the Myfxbook popular for traders. Created on the account showed an absolute increase of 299.9%. By looking at trading history and monthly performance metrics, you will realize that the only time a trading system’s performance was close to being the optimal trading system for a trader.

Vendor Transparency

Forex Flex EA website is filled with promises that will help you change your trading experience and even help you improve your individual trading strategies. However, these assertions can be challenged by information that quickly dispels these promises, arguing that one should not expect to make a profit by implementing its own trading strategy.

Using demo accounts for marketing purposes. The trading results posted on the company’s website as “proof” of the effectiveness of different trading strategies are a demo account submission, not a live trading account history.

Forex Flex EA is not a scam, given that traders are still reporting that they have benefited from the implementation of some of their strategies and the use of the program. However, many clients suffer from lost accounts. This loss is explained by the misinformation that EA developers have provided to them by manipulating data in which they use demo account statistics as a bait or delete bad historical results.

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Forex Flex EA attracts investors through an informational website. The short and interesting statements of the creators of this system briefly describe all kinds of work. However, there is no important information that traders need to make an informed decision.

The disadvantages of these software traders include a misunderstood interface, incomprehensible indicators, difficult visualization of trader’s earnings, restrictions in trading actions, rather complicated software algorithms, not clear switching between currency pairs. Traders include performance, stability and a minimum of systemic errors that can occur during trading when the benefits of using this product are clear.

You can trust Forex Flex EA, because there is a large group of traders that uses this software, but you should always check the information provided by the developers and use this automatic forex robot with care.