Exreign Forex EA robot is an FX robot which has a Myfxbook trading history that seems to show stellar results. But a few questions have been raised. This makes it pertinent for us to review this robot to see if it is a trading software to trust or not to trust.

Exreign Forex EA robot: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The trading history of Exreign Forex EA on Myfxbook shows profit growth of 134% in the period under review. However, complaints by a verified user on the same site forced our team to take a very detailed look at the trading history and the performance graph of this robot.

At the end of our review, we have come to the conclusion that until further evidence emerges to show that the Exreign team has been very honest about its software and that those who have bought the software are able to replicate the trade results, the Exreign Forex EA cannot be trusted.

Unreliable Performance

Let us look at the performance data for each of the trades taken on the trading account using the Exreign Forex EA.

Exreign Performance Table

At various times, the robot was taking quick scalps. At other times when trades were left for long hours, the robot lost heavily (take the trades captured in the red boxes in the snapshot). The analytics of the behavior of both robot and the human using the robot points towards a conclusion: when left to run for a long time, the robot is not very profitable. This forces the human owner to take quick scalps with increased lot sizes, resulting in the profit areas seen. This is reminiscent of a Martingale strategy, which is quite risky and needs a lot of capital to be ultimately profitable.

Non-Existent Support

Support service for Exreign Forex EA is virtually non-existent, as emails are not responded to. This is a hallmark of many scam robots: leaving no contacts that can be used to track the product owners. If this was a genuine robot that delivered good results, surely the contact lines or emails would be available for the public to call and possibly, pay for the software. This was another red flag for us, given also that at least two reviews exist which allude to the non-availability of any form of support once the purchase is made.

Bad Reviews from Verified Users

At least one user has come out to say that the results posted on Myfxbook for the Exreign Forex EA may actually have been lifted from some other robot. Here is a snapshot from the review:

Exreign User Review

Another review comes to us from Forexpeacearmy. Again, another user has queried the veracity of results coming from the Myfxbook page of Exreign Forex EA. More details are provided, which also shows that support is virtually non-existent. This is not a good thing.

Exreign User Review

Conclusion: Exreign Forex EA Robot Cannot Be Trusted

In an era where robot vendors have gone to some extraordinary lengths to lure unsuspecting consumers into their nets (including paying for fake positive reviews), one can never be too careful in x-raying any robot that comes on the market with results that look perhaps too outstanding. Exreign Forex EA robot flaunts results it says are on its Myfxbook account. But we were unable to locate any trader who could back up the profit claims there with a replicated performance. Rather, we have at least one user who has cast doubts on the validity of trade results posted on Myfxbook for this robot.

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