Evertech Forex Robot Review

Evertech Forex Robot is an expert advisor (EA) for the MT4 trading platform and it promises constant income, no matter the market conditions. It trades two currency pairs (EURUSD and GBPUSD) on the 15 minute timeframe. The vendors claim that Evertech Forex robot is intelligent and so, it constantly updates the data and market conditions and delivers the best results. The strategy used by the robot is not disclosed. To prove its profitability, the vendors presented a trading account from www.myfxblue.com which ran for nine months only. The robot placed 1,373 trades, won 826 and lost 546. A deposit of $2,002, was made into the account, the robot made a profit of $17,692.03 but lost $19,691.36 thereby, blowing the account. Since then, there has been no trading in the account.

The robot comes in three packages. The ‘Enterprise version’ sells for $179. The ‘Professional version’ sells for $299 and the ‘Unlimited version’ sells for $1,499.

For such a huge price, the questions are: Can this robot be trusted? Is the Evertech Forex robot worth the price?

Evertech Forex Robot: To Trust or Not to Trust?

From the trading account presented by the vendor, it is obvious that the robot cannot be trusted. Some other factors that prove that this robot is not trustworthy are:

  • Negative User Reviews

  • No Active Trading

  • No Back Tests Data

  • Poor Trading Results

  • Vendor Identity

  • Website Current Status

  1. Negative User Reviews

There are not much user reviews for this robot but some users who reviewed the robot on www.forexrobotnation.com gave it negative reviews.

  1. No Current Trading.

The trading results provided by the vendors of this robot, was only from Jan 12th to Sept 10th 2017 when the account was blown. Since then, the account has remained dormant and there are no signs that the robot is in use. For such a touted ‘intelligent and excellent’ robot, why should it remain dormant for over half a year? It may be an indication that the vendors were insincere. If not, they couldn’t have abandoned the robot.

  1. No Back Tests Data

In the forex community, a robot without years of back testing data and positive results cannot be trusted. This is because the forex traders expect every vendor to rigorously test their robot before launching it to the public for sale. The vendors of Evertech Forex robot did not provide any back tests results for their robot. Perhaps, there were no back tests done for this robot.

  1. Poor Trading Results

After a prolonged search, we were able to dig up the trade results from Myfxbook. What was revealed was indeed, very sobering.

The trade results seemed to be going well, and then boom! A devastating, precipitous crash ensued, causing 95% of the account capital to disappear in an instant. This proves that whatever strategy was being used by the Evertech forex robot was indeed very risky. When the robot was tested, it failed to deliver.

  1. Vendor Identity

The vendors of this robot are unknown as they provide no address, phone numbers or social media accounts. This is a popular tactic used by many forex robot scammers. Generally, it is difficult to regard anonymous vendors as genuine.

  1. Website Current Status
As at today, the official website of this robot: “www.evertechforexrobot.com is not accessible. This may mean that the robot has probably been retired.

Conclusion: Evertech Forex Robot Cannot Be Trusted

The Evertech Forex Robot was obviously the work of scammers. Nobody could testify to its efficiency. The robot failed while its anonymous vendors were still advertising the robot. It looks like the vendors have abandoned the robot since it has been inactive for over six months. Moreover, the official website is no longer available. Please, do not trust this scam of a robot.

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