ESOX-Pattern Forex EA Review

ESOX-Pattern Forex EA is a Forex robot that promises traders stable daily winning streaks that generate profits and stem losses. The software costs $149, but is also available through a 7 day trial option that costs $14. Since its introduction into the Forex trade fray in late October 2016, the software has managed to stir the pot quite significantly.

The question to be answered is simple: can the ESOX-Pattern EA be trusted with its claims or not?

ESOX-Pattern Forex EA: To Trust or Not to Trust

The vendors for this EA have made many claims about their EA. So is the ESOX-Pattern EA a piece of software to trust or not to trust? Unfortunately, we can say that the EA is a software not to trust. There are a few scam pointers that immediately jumped out as a review of the software was done, causing us to really question the software’s credibility. These include:

  • A poorly-designed sales page

  • Lack of a trade strategy

  • Unauthenticated claims

  • Lack of positive feedback

Let us examine each point closely.

  • Poorly-Designed Sales Page

From the very first glance, you’re bound to notice what a poor construct the ESOX-Pattern Forex EA sales page is. It must have probably been crafted by someone who’s barely acquainted with the rudiments of WordPress themes. It’s a far cry from the craft of a seasoned website designer. Such hurriedly constructed sales pages give a great deal of insight as to how well-constructed any EA from such a stable is. Surely, an EA that is making all the money claimed on the sales page should be able to pay for a professionally designed website.

  • Lack of Trading Strategy

The developer of ESOX-Pattern Forex EA has chosen to remain mute over the strategy deployed by the software. This is a disturbing turn off for any trader who really values money.

Why would a forex trading robot developer think that costumer confidence is bolstered when information about the software’s money-making strategy is withheld from the costumers?

  • Unauthenticated Claims

Other than the results provided by the ESOX-Pattern Forex EA team, there are no other data found anywhere concerning the software’s trades. Even Myfxbook turns up blank.

The ESOX-Pattern Forex EA team show results supposedly garnered over a 130-day period. Of course, as expected, these results are quite impressive and portray a convincing risk to reward ratio, because the team looks to convince potential buyers with them.

Refusal to submit any trade results to public scrutiny using third party verification sites such as Myfxbook is a red flag any day. It is preferable to purchase robots that have proven and verified profits.

  • Lack of Positive Feedback

The software has received a few reviews so far. But they’ve been mostly negative. One of the product’s reviews on FPA strikes a very discordant tune about the software. According to this reviewer, signs of the product’s unreliability emerged strongly when the EA could not run on his real account. Neither his broker nor the product’s customer support could resolve this problem so he decided to run the software on his demo account.

ESOX-Pattern Forex EA Review

He did that successfully, and the EA generated some tremendous results during the first two days. However, the funds in the demo account plummeted from $13,000 to $100 on the third day. This review is most likely legitimate from all indications, and it underscores the potential risks of losing money with the software.

Conclusion: ESOX-Pattern Forex EA is Not to be Trusted

From the negative pointers listed above, it’s clear that this trading robot has all the signs associated with the breed of Forex robot scams we see flooding the market these days.

If you’re looking to buy into this software, we suggest that you heed to warnings put up by people in Forex trade communities like FFA and steer clear of this EA.

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