Einstein Trader Review

Einstein Trader EA is a Metatrader 4 (MT4) based Forex trade robot designed to carry out fully automated trades on an almost daily basis. The software is the latest release of William Morrison, an FX expert who created the Million Dollar Pips 6 years ago. Programmed to trade using the scalping strategy, the software purportedly comes with a number of safety filters to assure users of a great reward to risk ratio.

It’s purportedly designed to limit the frequency of trades in order to prevent problems related to liquidity and broker delays which may arise when too many trades are placed simultaneously. Its average trade length is 90 seconds.

The creators strongly advice users to run the software on a private server and to use brokers with very speedy execution times. Since the software’s average trade length is 90 seconds, internet connection speed and speed of communication between users and their brokerage is critical to users.

Einstein Trader: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The software is purported to generate a 1.88 percent daily profit and a 74.37 percent monthly gain. It is also claimed to have a performance statement on Myfxbook that shows the robot generates a 238.87 percent profit with a $5,000 investment. According to the robot’s creators, users can expected to see confidence-bolstering draw down records of about 11.12 percent. The creators also claim users can expect a success rate of at least 55 percent.

However, the software comes with a number of attributes that raise a number of red flags that indicate users stand a very slim chance of making money with it. Here are some of the problems associated with the Einstein Trader EA which we think makes it a software not to trust.

Here are other pointers that prove that the Einstein Trader Expert Advisor is not to be trusted.

  1. Fake Identity of EA Creator

Other than the name William Morrison, nothing else is known about the identity of t the robot’s creator. Faceless software creators in the forex market abound. Anonymity of a team or individual behind a forex robot is a common denominator of all the major forex robot scams in the market. William Morrison appears to be a fake online persona. This strongly suggests that whoever is responsible for putting up this fake persona is involved in shady forex and binary options schemes.

  1. Unverified Trading Results

The videos on the software’s official websites show demonstrations involving demo accounts with no real funds. The use of demo accounts to execute transactions that do not involve real money proves the creators themselves have refrained from putting their money where their mouth is. Many of the real account statements from trading done with the Einstein Trader are all locked. We were able to pull out one which revealed an 84% loss on the account.

How would anyone pay close to $500 for such poor results? Since you’ll most likely lose more than the $497 refundable cost of the software to bad trades, you risk losing a lot of money as a user. This makes this software to a total scam regardless of the money-back guarantee that comes with it.

  1. Lack of Positive User Testimonials

There are no testimonials anywhere which authenticate the claims of the creators. The dearth of testimonials for the software also proves no one has succeeded in making money with the product.

Conclusion: The Einstein Trader EA Is a Software Not to Trust

Although the creators do offer a money-back guarantee, they still make money off users at the end of the day by way of the commissions they make off each user’s brokerage. The Einstein Trader EA has all the trappings of a forex robot scam and can therefore not be trusted.

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