EA Devile BO Review

According to the developers, the EA Devile BO is a forex robot that has been designed to trade price channel breakouts on four currency pairs (EURUSD, GPBUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD), with setups performed on the H1 timeframe. At a retail price of $349, the EA Devile Bo is primarily sold on a website created by the developer, Ivan Bebikov. Ivan also has a presence on the MQL5 marketplace and is currently promoting 8 related products on his profile.

As is our custom, we reviewed and evaluated this software so as to come up with a statement on whether this EA can be trusted. Here are the results of our findings.

EA Devile BO: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The entity known as Ivan Bebikov has a large presence on the MQL5 Community. However, there are certain elements of the EA Devile BO trading robot that we find particularly questionable. It is on these grounds that we declare that the EA Devile BO is a software not to trust. We delve into details to showcase our findings.

  1. Vendor Anonymity

The creator of this trading robot, Ivan Bebikov does not have much of a pedigree within the forex market and has no reputation whatsoever outside of the fact that he promotes his other products on the MQL5 marketplace. With very little information about the creator of supposed “perfect trading robot”, one begins to question if the name “Ivan Bebikov” actually refers to a real person.

  1. Poor Trading Results

The creator of this trading robot uses back tests and trading signals at MQL5 in an attempt to prove the ability of the forex robot to provide good trading results. However, we have gone through Myfxbook to see if we can see some verified results and were greeted with a shocker: Ivan Bebikov has a profile on that site, but all the trading results of the EA Devile BO have been deleted! It is almost as if Ivan Bebikov is trying to erase any trading history of his products.

However, we were able to pull some history of an unnamed EA which was designed by Ivan and this is what we got:

Not very stellar, it must be said. Ivan actually has several of such trade data on Myfxbook and they are all largely negative.

  1. Negative User Reviews

As at the moment of writing this review, there is about 40 user feedback on the robot’s sales page. 3 out of the reviews are all very positive, following over 20 others being negative. This can help any serious trader what the software actually does before they invest their money into it.

  1. Exploitative Pricing

The EA Devile BO trading robot currently goes for $349 but if you want to go for the trial version and see what the robot has to offer first, you have to cough out another $120. This is quite odd. Why should a user pay so much just to test a software when other similar products charge a maximum of $7 for 7 days of tests? Such exploitative pricing is not done by genuine software vendors.

Final Verdict: EA Devile BO Cannot Be Trusted

EA Devile BO is obviously the product of scam artists as it has failed to prove itself. The negative reviews it received from users who were previously scammed of it also does not speak well of this software. This trading robot cannot be trusted and users should avoid it by all means.

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