density scalperIn this review, we’d like to tell you about a robot called Density Scalper. Despite the fact that the robot is quite expensive, the devs didn’t make a website for it with a colorful and explanatory presentation. The program was developed by Roman Lengert which has other programs in the package. The forex robot itself is sold through MQL5. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Density Scalper: To Trust Or Not To Trust

Over the life of the product, the robot receives updates. Its latest version is 1.5 published on November 23, 2019.

The program is positioned as a night scalper with all the associated risks. This robot is similar to another scalper product of the same developer: NY Close Scalper, but in contrast, it is optimized in a few ways to reduce slippage.

Unreliable strategy

The fx robot provides work with various parameters to optimize entry and exit from deals. The dev also provided a stop-loss system for saving the account.

Density Scalper trades in the following currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURCHF, USDCHF, USDCAD, EURAUD, EURCAD

density scalper backtest results

There have been provided some backtest results, but as usual, the dev warned that they’re not representative and people shouldn’t rely on them.

Declining performance

We’ve found Density Scalper live account on myfxbook. Let’s take a look at these results.

density scalper myfxbook

The robot has been running a real EUR account with AxiTrader as a brokerage company, 1:100 leverage level on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account has been started in March 27 in 2019. During almost 9 months the account grows just for +36.78%. The daily profit is 0.11%, the monthly one is 3.49%. The robot trades with a low level of DDs (2.74%).

density scalper trading results

December 2019 is going to end with a loss, as of November 2019 too.

density scalper advanced statistics

During the period, there have been traded 547 deals with the average win rate was about 72%. The profit factor is 2.42, and the average trade length is 48 mins.

density scalper statistics

The robot just trades two hours in a day how it’s been told. 

density scalper monthly gain

As you can see from the chart, after the marketing period of pushing the robot was ended, Density Scalper was going to work worst and worst. 

High cost

Density Scalper costs so much as for the robot that can provide just +36% of the gain for 9 months. It costs $2000. It huge money on the Forex robot market. The dev provides no refund policy for this robot.

Density Scalper is a kinda new product with unpredictable profitability. As for the other product of this dev, his robots in the 2019 year is far from good. As an example, “NightWalker EA and NY Close Scalper” has got just +17% of the annual gain.


There many well-worked scalper robots for x3-5 times cheaper price. Pay $2000 for what… for worst than average results across the robots with almost the same prices? We’re sure you shouldn’t hurry up to buy this expensive robot. It’s not worth it.

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