Clearpool Group AMS Review

The trading product from the Clearpool Group is an algorithmic management system (AMS). This is a software which has been constructed with some level of artificial intelligence to provide ultra-low latency executions in the interbank market, using an algorithmic execution style. This is touted to be a trading system which combines “man and machine”.

Clearpool Group : To Trust or Not to Trust?

The AMS system designed by the Clearpool Group is meant to be an enhancement of the same execution systems that have been used by institutional traders for several years. Institutional traders like Goldman Sachs have never had a losing year trading the forex market in recent history, whereas more than 90% of retail traders lose money from FX trading. One of the reasons why the institutional traders have always had an edge is the use of algorithmic trading systems. With the desire from institutional traders and STP brokers to have better algorithmic execution systems as time goes by,  Clearpool Group has stepped up to the plate to deliver its proprietary cloud-based algorithmic execution system known as the Cleargroup AMS.

Clearpool AMS

The question is, what has been the net effect so far, and is the Clearpool Group AMS a trading software to trust or not to trust?

At the moment, it is very difficult to provide an assessment on this software, because there is simply very little available data to work with. There is virtually no instance of trade history we could find, and there are no reviews from verified users of the Clearpool AMS. So a different approach has been used, based on the study of what the entire system represents.

What really is Clearpool AMS all about?

  1. Clearpool AMS is actually not a system that analyses and trades like a retail forex robot. Rather, Clearpool AMS is a collection of systems that basically ensure speedy execution and venue analysis for such low latency trade executions.
  2. Clearpool AMS is actually not built for retail FX trading. It is rather meant for professional traders and for institutional trading.
  3. Clearpool AMS also has facilities that can be used by brokers for delivering advanced analytics, risk checks and superior execution for clients.

So we have gone out to seek users who have actually used this execution system to hear their own accounts of how the Clearpool AMS has worked out for them.

Users include the following companies:

Piper Jaffray Companies

Piper Jaffray is a US-based investment bank and asset management company. Here is what the Chief Operating Officer of Global Equities of Piper Jaffray had to say about Clearpool AMS, after signing a multi-year usage agreement with the Clearpool Group:

Pipper Jaffray about Clearpool Group

Piper Jaffray has signed a multi-year agreement to deploy the Clearpool AMS among its clients base. No company that offers brokerage services to institutional-level clients will enter into an agreement to deploy a software that does not work.

Atlantic Equities LLP

European-based brokerage, Atlantic Equities, has also adopted the Clearpool AMS in providing superior execution to its institutional clients who trade US stocks. Here is what COO of Atlantic Equities had to say:

Atlantic Equities about Clearpool

Institutional-level clients demand nothing but the best in terms of execution, based on the high volumes that they trade. Such clients always seek out the best executions that save them money and time, and ensure 100% fill of orders. Atlantic Equities seems to be satisfied that they can get these benefits from the Clearpool AMS.

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

If you are a broker or an institutional trader, fast execution at execution venues that can guarantee 100% fill of the large volume of orders that pass through internal systems is extremely desirable. Clearpool Group seems to have found the magic bullet with its AI-based algorithmic management system. So based on the testimonies of at least two major clients, we can say that the Clearpool AMS is a software to trust.

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