Cash Cow Signal Review

Cash Cow Signal trading robot is an expert advisor system that boasts of up to 98% trade automation. The developers built this system based on special strategy that uses Mean Reversion algorithm. The developers added the ability to trade manually when needed; this ensures that users tweak the system as much as they want to get desired results.

The system is built with strict risk management features such as a maximum of 7% loss limit per month, this means that the developers will seize to trade in case the system loses above this limit in any given month.

Cash Cow Signal: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Developers at Cash Cow Signal trading robot claim that trades are up to 98% automated, however, human intervention constitutes more than 2% according to online reviews from users who have used the robot. The 98% automation of the system could mean that trades are being mirrored from a master to clients’ account. While this could make sense, there are just no proofs to support this claim.

Here is why we think that the Cash Cow Signal is an EA not to trust.

  • Poor Trading Performance

One of the trading indicators the Cash Cow Signal robot uses is the Moving Average (MA). For review purpose, we set the MA interval to 15mins interval and price was seen momentarily moving away from MA and then back at it again.

The developers failed to explain which MA was used and the actual time interval until new trade is opened. Users should note that the system may use different MA time interval regardless of what preference is set by the user.

  • Past Trading Shows Poor Results

Cash Cow Signal’s account on MyFXBook is shown below. It can be seen that the Cash Cow Signal EA is not profitable. Indeed, it was so unprofitable that it blew the account. Notice how the account capital was decimated by 99%. This is almost complete loss of capital and possibly lead to a margin call.

Cash Cow Signal Review

  • Suspicious Deposits and Withdrawals

Trading data of Cash Cow Signal robot on MyFXBook before it was halted showed that the developers made a lot of deposits and withdrawals. This indicates a red flag that the system was hugely manipulated to defraud unsuspecting investors falsely claiming that this system works.

  • Deceptive Pricing

The developers of this trading robot claim that they reserve a special package that uses special trading algorithm for users who are willing to open a managed account with them.

This managed account has to be initially deposited with a minimum of $10,000, no subscription fees charged. However, a 25% performance fee will be charged on equity growth. This means that users will still be charged even during times when the robot fails to yield any results. A dubious and deceptive strategy one must say.

Final Verdict: Cash Cow Signal is Not to Be Trusted

In the light of the aforementioned reasons about the Cash Cow Signal trading robot, it is clear that the system uses defunct and deceptive strategies that render it not the best trading option for investors who really want to succeed in the forex market.

It is crystal clear that the system does more harm than good, potential traders are hereby recommended to look for other working alternatives.

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