Bigben Time EA Review

Bigben Time EA is touted to be a trend-following forex robot which does not operate with Martingale strategies. It is also touted to be a non-scalping EA which shows high effectiveness in trading the USDJPY currency pair. It can be used in two modes: normal and boost-up. It is also said to be capable of making profits of 14% a month, on a starting capital of $500. Some performance charts that are supposed to convince the prospect about the profitability of the Bigben Time EA are added for good measure.

This review seeks to answer the questions that have arisen on the capability of Bigben Time EA to deliver on the claims of its vendors.

Bigben Time EA: To Trust or Not to Trust?

After reviewing the performance stats of the Bigben Time EA on Myfxbook, we have decided that this EA cannot be trusted to deliver profits on a consistent basis. Here are some reasons as to why we have come to this conclusion.

  • Unpredictable results.
  • Flat performance charts.

These two points are examined in greater detail.

Unpredictable Trade Results

First up, we examine the trade results on for 2018 and 2019 on a month-by-month basis. 2018 was only marginally profitable, buoyed by the performance of the EA in February and October 2018 on the back of very aggressive trading by the EA.

Bigben Time EA Myfxbook Monthly Gain Chart

However, things have not turned out well in 2019. April 2019 has been the only winning month for 2019, with a modest 0.95% gain.

Bigben Time EA Myfxbook Monthly Gain Chart

Performance stats for 2019 are also not very good, and the trade parameters examined were all in the red. We can see that 2019 has been a very rough year for the Bigben Time EA.

Bigben Time EA Myfxbook Trading History

Flat Performance Charts

Needless to say that the 2019 performance of the Bigben Time EA has affected the profit and growth charts, which are seen to be flattening out as opposed to growing. The snapshot of the growth of the account as seen on Myfxbook is shown below. Notice how flat the arrow is.

Bigben Time EA Myfxbook Trading Chart

These results are not reflective of the claims made on the sales page of this EA, where traders are being told some glorified tales about how good the EA is supposed to be. Obviously, 2019’s performance shows that this EA is not delivering any profits.

Hidden Data

Some of the crucial analytics data on Myfxbook has been deleted or made private and therefore unavailable for public scrutiny. We now have a situation where it is impossible to analyse past trades as these have been made private.

Bigben Time EA Myfxbook Hidden Data

There can only be one intention behind this: to hide the history of the losing trades and other data which could have provided more insight into the EA’s past performances.

Conclusion: The Bigben Time EA Cannot Be Trusted

The Bigben Time EA has been exposed for what it is: a non-performing robot which is still being touted as one that can deliver profits. We have scrutinized data available to us (apart from the ones hidden by the vendors for reasons known to them) and there is no choice but to come to the conclusion that any money spent on this EA is better spent elsewhere.

The Bigben Time EA cannot be trusted to deliver profits; at least not by its 2019 performance.

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