AstroFx review – Is it SCAM or good Forex system trading?

AstroFx is a trading system for trading exchange which includes numerous algorithms for earning. Forex-robot has been successfully operating for several years. Although there is still very little information about the system on the Internet. Studying reviews of the AstroFx trading robot, we stumbled upon numerous criticisms. We will try to conduct an objective and honest AstroFX review with only verified researched material.

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How is AstroFx positioning itself?

The first positioning of the trading system cannot receive a positive reaction from an experienced user. All advertising publications and all entries describing this bot are too sharp, bright and with exaggerated information. They promise profits of 500% per year and higher without confirming this with real trading results.

The creators of this trading bot also manifest themselves negatively by the fact that they had to delete the next page:

How is AstroFx positioning itself

The verified portal Myfxbook is designed for independent testing of various strategies and forex robots. The reason for deletion is the unsuccessful test result in the public domain. As it turned out, they did not coincide at all with the profitability forecasts that the creators of a paid trading fx robot published in advertising texts and advertisements.

 AstroFx is positioning itself as a unique trading system. Developers, judging by open sources of information, are two traders: Sean Lee Powell and Aman Nutt. The trading system is calculated to make a profit from trading with cryptocurrency and currency pairs. At the same time, AstroFx advertising openly attracted investors to invest for passive earnings.

The company, the legal owner of the trading system, is working on the parallel in training future traders on a paid and free basis.

AstroFx negative reputation

Aspects of the negative reputation of this trading system include the fact that the company itself does not have financial regulators and there is no information presented on the Internet about the company’s transparent activities. Also on some specialized financial portals AstroFx pages are marked in red. This means that the company’s positive financial activity has not been confirmed.

Educational courses from AstroFx

In addition to investing in the trading system of the same name, you can take training courses from the company. Two creators of a supposedly successful trading system sell training courses under the same brand name. Courses are carried out remotely. They are divided into several major topics, for example, trading tactics. Over the entire training period, you can learn how to trade, use trading terminals, install indicators and perform technical analysis accordingly.


Reviews of AstroFx’s educational courses are divided into positive, neutral and negative. YouTube has video recordings with educational materials that show the alleged results of passing courses, and how the acquired skills are applied in trading. All this is accompanied by beautiful figures of relatively high yield.

Educational courses from AstroFx

AstroFx pages in social networks

When writing this independent review, we have managed to find the official AstroFx page on the social network Facebook where the total number of subscribers to the page is about 160 people. In the news feed you can find photos of the trading process, luxurious rooms and allegedly AstroFx participants / employees.

The lack of activity should raise some suspicion among potential investors and partners.

Trading Terms

A very important factor in evaluating the company is the trading conditions that are established for potential investors and partners. AstroFx company represents its own trading system. According to the description, the investor invests money into the account and receives income from the results of trading using unique algorithms. The total number of employees exceeds 50 people, among which traders, analysts, and experts prevail. Partially, investors transfer money in trust management, but the yield is not regulated by any documents.

Basic trading conditions of the AstroFx trading system based on the following items:
  • Minimum investment – from $ 100;
  • Payback period – from 2 months;
  • Trading platform – MT4 and analogues;
  • Financial tools – cryptocurrency, stock items, currency pairs.
Trading Terms

Benefits of this company:

  1. The company has not only developed a trading system for earnings, but also offers training courses.
  2. AstroFx is not only a trading bot, but also a company specializing in developing solutions for successful trading.
  3. The ability to receive profit from 100% in good market conditions.
  4. The ability to generate profits remotely from any place in the world with no experience in trading.

Disadvantages of AstroFx

  1. The trading system and training courses under the AstroFx brand have an ambiguous reputation on the Web.
  2. The lack of activity in social networks and the Internet (in particular, the absence of its own website).
  3. The test results on Myfxbook turned out to be negative – all tests of the AstroFx trading system has brought a loss and leaked the deposit.
  4. The managers can increase the minimum deposit without permit and refuse to consult people with low financial resources.
  5. The absence of legal grounds for the legitimate activities (in particular, trading in the AstroFx system has no contractual grounds and in the event of money loss the investor will be guilty).

AstroFx cannot win the confidence of potential investors and become a successful European financial company with its own trading system for earnings.

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