Arteon Forex Robot Review

Recently I have encountered a new automated trading platform Arteon Forex Robot. This is a strategy that claims to work automatically on MetaTrader4 trading platform with M15 timeframe. The robot trades with myriad currency pairs at every brokerage, so the system is supple and it’s easy to customize the suitable settings for yourself. It works on different market conditions making trades in more than 6 hours, no scalping or averaging. That is all you can find out after visiting After the careful scrutinization of the system, I was totally flabbergasted what kind of hidden flair the developers had to fabricate such technology. So, basically, they tried to prove that the system is valid and showed the statistics from myfxbook account. Indeed, the whole homepage is filled with the screenshots, but let’s stop there for a moment and pay more attention towards the results. The Arteon Forex Robot is criticized for its substantial decrease in progress and furtive trading after its failure. You must agree, that the product debased drastically and is inept to proceed to advertise its service to traders. Take a look at the trading unluck that occurred at the end of the last year:

Take a look at the trading unluck that occurred at the end of the last year:
Obviously, the results do not appease the traders and more importantly cannot cajole them in its integrity and credibility. Throughout the whole year, the fragile robot did its best to bring the revenue to its customers, who hoped to succeed in trading and relied upon the system. Unfortunately, in the end, they could have lost everything they were striving to achieve. It definitely evolved an umbrage from potential clients, who till this day express their resentment towards the presented technology.

Arteon Forex Robot Review

Arteon Forex Robot Review


The drawdown reaches an extremely big number -99.99%. With such kind of drawdown, a trader is likely to suffer a huge set back at the end of the month and donate all his profits back to market he extracted it from. I have no idea how after trading defeat they managed to lie again about a tremendous progress. At the website it is shown that this year 2018 the Arteon robot soared its gain till 204.99%:

The drawdown reaches an extremely big number -99.99%.

This is unbelievable and definitely exaggerated. The results which you see on the website are not possible to achieve in real account settings. And realize that these accounts were over-leveraged. Trading with a leveraged account of 1:1000 is quite suicidal. It’s the reason why this EA is suffering a huge drawdown. Moreover, it is not verified anywhere, no official trading results, no trading statistics on any transactions. There’s no word about losses, profit, guarantees, all is beautifully adorned in order to make the customers purchase the software. Besides, it does not account for the work of the software, how to deal with the system after downloading, what settings, what risks, how to start trading with Arteon in general? Anyway, to my opinion, this might be a mere embezzlement. I urge you to stay circumspect and not to buy anything before the thorough research. No one knows how the robot trades nowadays, after such open drawdowns it is important to stay discreet in partaking with such automated technologies. Perhaps is it set by its developers to make good trades during the year and at the end, it always crashes down somehow. In addition, the registration name of Arteon Robot remains hidden, we only know that the website is registered in Scottdale. That not enough for the clients to begin its cooperation with the system.


I would definitely not recommend this tumbledown technology as you are going to stay blindfolded till you try out the system yourself making money sacrifices in order to find out the truth. If you still intend to purchase the product, a right choice would be to demand the proof of past performance and the current trading statistics. Customers do claim that it’s impossible to reach out to the support team and if you’d be the lucky one, take a shot and learn the verity of this volatile technology.

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