The Airhopper Forex EA is a forex robot built for the MT4 trading platform and promises automatic 75% returns on investment. It trades on the 30 minutes timeframe and trades four currency pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF and AUDUSD). It is compatible with any broker. The robot boasts of reliability, good trading history, support life, compatibility and user friendliness.

The robot comes in three packages. The Standard Package cost $149, the Extended Package costs $249 and the Premium Package costs $499. All packages come with free updates and support. You need at least 3,000 units ($30 or $3,000) in your account in order to start trading with this robot.

The vendors provide a trading account purported to be from, in order to substantiate their claims. Although account is not a reliable source of forex trading analysis, we will analyze the data presented. It should be noted that there are no verified results from Myfxbook or other third party trade verification sites.

AirHopper FOREX EA: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The account shows a trading period of 186 days. The trading results were generally good until May 2017 when the account suffered a huge loss. Trading resumed and picked up little profits until July 2017 when the account was finally blown.

The pertinent question is: Can this EA be trusted?

AirHopper FOREX EA: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Right from the trading account provided, it can be deduced that this EA is a failure. But there are additional reasons why this robot cannot be trusted. These are:
  • No Current Trading Data
  • Vendor Identity
  • No Back tests data
  • User Reviews
  • Current State of the Website
  1. No Current Trading Data

The account presented by the vendors of this EA shows that the robot traded from 11th January to 14th July 2017. After that, no other activities were recorded on this account and with this robot. Does it mean that this robot has been abandoned? It looks like this is the case, especially with the precipitous losses shown on the trade snapshots.
  1. Vendor Identity

The vendors of the AirHopper robot did not leave an address, phone numbers, email and any identifying statement on their website. Their website is poorly designed, cheap and made up of a few pages. Only a contact form is provided as the only means to reach out to the vendors. This is not a good sign to many forex traders. Almost all the numerous forex robot scammers are anonymous.

  1. No Back tests Data

The vendors did not provide any back tests data. This is generally unacceptable to the forex community. Forex traders expect every robot vendor to thoroughly test their robots before launching it for sale to the community.

  1. User Reviews

Generally, there are no user reviews found for this robot. But, a reviewer on was not satisfied with this robot.

  1. Current State of the Website

The official website of this robot: seems to have been acquired by another company. A Chinese company known as “Macau Lisboa” say that the site is their official website. This probably means that Airhopper EA is now defunct.



The Airhopper EA is a robot that cannot be trusted. The trading results provided shows that the robot blew the developer’s account. No back testing evidence was provided by the anonymous vendors. Users were not satisfied with the robot. Moreover, the official website now belongs to another company.

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