Actinic Forex Robot Review

This review is about an EA that was recently launched known as the Actinic Forex Robot. The sales page of the Actinic forex robot contains reasons why this robot is supposed to be different from all the other scams out there. The purpose of this review is to critically look at the Actinic Forex Robot and find out if it is a software to trust or not to trust.

Introduction: Actinic Forex Robot

So what is the deal with Actinic Forex Robot? The Actinic Forex Robot is a software for automated forex trading. This software is said to leverage the power of automation to trade forex automatically, thereby relieving the user from the stress of hours-long market analyses. But this comes at a princely price of $499 for the Corporate license and $299 for the Premium license.

Is the EA worth this price? The creators of this software think it is, and they post a cumulative profits graph. In other words, they say that the profits made by this software will more than pay for the cost of the EA several times all over. As usual, the Actinic Forex Robots is portrayed in the best light possible. But behind all the razzmatazz, is the EA really trusthworthy?

Actinic Forex Robot: To Trust or Not to Trust?

All the pointers from the evaluation of this software indicate that this is a software not to trust. There are several reasons why this declaration has been made, and some of the critical ones are listed below.

  1. Ghost Ownership of Product

Who are the owners of the Actinic Forex Robot? The website doesn’t indicate who the owners of Actinic Forex Robot are. Also, there is no mention of their background or history. Surely, such a successful software should have a team positively identifying with it so as to gain popularity. This is the first stamp of credibility a product needs to have. But the Actinic Forex Robot presently has owners who are ghosts. What are they afraid of?

  1. No Information on the Workings of the EA

The website does not give full details about how this product works. 85% of the content of the webpage focuses purely on marketing without any raw facts about how the product works. There is also no information as to what strategy the robot utilizes to produce the claimed profits made and showcased on the site.

  1. Lack of Customer Reviews

There is nowhere online where we have stumbled on any positive customer reviews about the Actinic Forex Robot. Surely such a “successful” robot would have a boatload of satisfied clients who would all be too willing to provide positive feedback. But instead, look at what was found on a random search:

Need we say more?

  1. No Verified Trading History

For a software that costs $499, one would at least expect that some evidence that would convince prospects on the authenticity of the software’s trading results would be shown. But alas, there is nothing of the sort. There are no verified results of any trading performance of the Actinic Forex Robot.

Conclusion: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The points of concern say it all. No proof of successful trading, no verified positive user reviews and no information on the workings of the EA. Is it really wise coughing up $499 for this EA? The facts are clear. Money should only be exchanged for value. Where there is no proof that a robot can deliver profits, there is no reason to ask traders to pay such a high cost for it. So quite simply, the Actinic Forex Robot is not to be trusted.

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