We are the group of professional Forex traders, experts and financial advisors, who gathered together for one particular goal – to provide the objective and fair evaluation to various robot platforms.

We have reached the unanimous consensus about not having any solid independent reviews concerning automated robot trading solutions. Accordingly, within the last couple of months, we have been investigating all existing robots and hence compiling the data in the professional surveys.

Automated robots present an increasingly attractive option for customers to balance letting the robots perform all the routine trading tasks for them against doing it themselves, risking to lose money and having constant distress about the outcome. Robots are more precise than traders by their very nature, as they more efficiently make bids at a consistent level of accuracy.


With the intelligent Forex trading robots you are guaranteed to gain greater yields than doing it on your own. Thousands of customers do confide in robots and they feel secure about their fiscal status. Such complex technology, through highly flexible automation and artificial intelligence, is definitely one of the most disruptive sources.


The experts will not afford to be complacent as constant investigations lead to more precise results and, consequently, more accurate and detailed independent reviews. We are going to proceed monitoring all the feedback and testimonials from professional and client’s sides in order to guide our users through all strength and weaknesses of the platforms and help them select the best one.