Draw Profit EA Review

Draw Forex EA according to its developers, is poised to help professional traders earn more income by giving an assurance of about 62.3% trading accuracy. The program demands a minimum start-up fee of $100, and trades only two currency pairs-GBPUSD and EURUSD.

After some pressure from the ForexPeaceArmy review team, the DrawProfit EA team was forced to share the current trade results of its EA. While saluting the courage of the team to subject its EA to the court of public scrutiny, the results justify the hunch that our team has always had about the EA. This hunch borders on questions surrounding the purported trading accuracy and profitability of the software.

DrawProfit EA: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The big question is: can the DrawProfit EA be trusted? The answer is a categorical NO. This answer stems from the very results that are posted by the DrawProfit EA team, the results posted from FXBlue and the reviews that we have gathered online from users.

  • Poor Trading Results

Take a look at the trading results that are posted on the FPA website, as well as FXBlue:

Draw Profit EA Review

The FPA outcome of an 18 week test shows that the real account on which the DrawProfit EA was attached “crashed and burned”.

Draw Profit EA Review

The FXBlue snapshot also shows a catastrophic loss of capital from which the trading account never recovered. These results show very clearly that the DrawProfit EA is not profitable and does not deserve to be on the market. Who would want to cough out $100 for such an atrocious product?

  • User Reviews

Here is a snapshot of some user reviews.

Another comment says:

JohnJune 25, 2017 at 1:20 pmI guess no one has gone back and updated this review because if you notice now on the live account stats, it lost everything. Maybe someone should update the review to show the live account is now bankrupted, just saying…

The fact that must be understood is that these comments are not from paid actors or random people from the street. These are comments from those who paid $149 for the user license: they are real buyers and users who have tested the product the DrawProfit EA, used it on their real money accounts and were disappointed with the outcomes they got.

It just does not get any more real than this: the DrawProfit EA does not make any money. Simple!

  • False Claims

Judging from the profitability claim of 62% and the trade results which are clearly in the opposite direction, it can be deduced that the vendors of the DrawProfit EA are guilty of making false claims. By continuing to allow these false claims of profit on their website, they are guilty of deceptive advertising and should either be made to take down the claims or face prosecution.

Conclusion: The Draw Profit EA is Not to Be Trusted

Draw Profit EA is unreliable and incapable of making money. It should never be used to trade a real money account as it will simply decimate it. We have also found out lately that the website used in marketing and sales of the EA has been taken down. These are all red flags for scam forex robots. The DrawProfit EA is not to be trusted and the results point clearly to this reality.

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