5 pips a day Forex Robot Review

Watch out the big red fonts

Today, in the article presented below, I would like to guard you against a perilous swindle trading system called 5 Pips a Day Forex Robot. As you open the main website http://5pipsaday.com/?hop=steve19985, you instantly view the sort of big red welcoming saying “5 pips a day is all you need to make a ton of money trading Forex.” Have you noticed, lately, that all the scam trading platforms design their pages that way, alledgedly yelling at customers about their possible ability to earn “huge profits”? I have, though. Please, note that if you see a big red font on the main website, it usually designates about some fraud or a cunning strategy.

Tricky strategy

The 5 Pips a Day Forex Robot system operates using metaTrader 4 and it places fully automated trades at multiple times on various currency pair with minimum of 5 pips a day. The first thing that catches an eyes of a would-be customer is the “magical” winning rate of 99% and all the back tests displayed on the main page. The back test shows very impressive results but at this point in the Forex market developers need to use either myFXbook or mt4live. The developers state:

However, if you try and decide to ckeck their results at myFXbook link, it does not seem to work.5 pips a day Forex Robot

Apparently, there is no their myFXbook account and they have just taken a screenshot and written the results in themselves. Crafty! Though, for some indifferent people the presence of the chart on the website indicates about the good results, as they do not often verify it themselves. As for the “magical software” that’s been on market only 5 years, the progress they depict on the main website is hilarious. How come that in a day from 1000$ a person can make such a unbeliavable profit:

In the description of the 5 Pips a Day trading system on different websites may read a total nonsense, I’d say fairytale about “high profitability to be a millionaire”:

The “magical” 5 pips reality

In order to start with 5 Pips a day you should download the “magical software”, set it up in 5 min with manual instruction and afterwards gain the profit. Everything sounds good, even better when they claim it to be safe:

Thus, if you are not satissfied with the product, you can make a full refund of your initial investment. They give you 60 days to check out the system, within which you could make a withdrawal of your money. It sounds quite appealing, BUT IN REALITY there’s nothing even close to what they claim. I’ve found lots of negative feedback from potential customers, who are being deceived by 5 Pips a Day developers. Let us take a look at what people are dissapointed with:

5 pips a day Forex Robot Review

All their hidden tactics obviously became transparent after a while. I warn you not to become the next dupe of 5 Pips a Day Forex Robot, as their big words “we’re making billionaires, ton of money, huge profits, make your first million in a month” is everything but the truth.

I was surprised. That is one probably the most essential mistake they make to describe their sustem “they do put money at risk”. There’s is some truth is their words, though! I liked that. Conclusion

I would never recommend the 5 pips a Day Forex trading system, as it’s an unreliable “casino” to play and lose your money with. Please, find more approapriate solution for money-making service and stay away from such scammers.

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